Rembrandt as a source of inspiration. The paintings are made of sand, oyster shells, mussels, marl, coal and soil from various locations in the Netherlands: from North Sea beaches to Drenthe, from the Veluwe and the Wadden to polder soil, glued to oak panels using a natural glue. No paint, but only natural materials and colours, just like back in Rembrandt’s day.

Rembrandt was constantly studying and capturing light and humans. In his paintings, people really look out at you, and it’s as if you’re connecting with their era. You can touch my sand paintings, just like earth, they’re about connecting with the world around us.

Nieuw: De Vaandeldrager, on tour nu ook langs Atelier Judith Dubois

De Vaandeldrager

Gemaakt van zand, aarde, mergel, (oester)schelpen, steenkool uit verschillende delen van Nederland en een papegaaienveer uit het Vondelpark.

De aardse versie van De Vaandeldrager is te zien in Atelier Judith Dubois op afspraak vanaf 10 augustus. Boek een bezoek via het contactformulier.

Rembrandt rising from Dutch soil

This painting was part of the Exposition RMBRNDT.NU in 2019 with the jury Jan Six, Oscar van der Voorn and Bertjan ter Braak. 

On an oak panel of 16 by 21 cm, incl. frame 27 bij 34 cm, sold in oktober 2019.

Self-portrait as the apostel Paulus

The focus of this artwork is the light on his forehead, made of layers of marl and the wrinkles carved into it. The turban is made of pieces oyster shells. His grey hair of grained mussel and coal. The deep dark background is made of sand from Drenthe and de Veluwe and soil from the polder. The dagger formed out of feathers and the parchment that literally rolls out of the painting, is made of birch bark. On wooden panel 40 by 55 cm, incl. frame 55 by 70 cm.


This sweet portrait of Titus is made of Dutch sand, soil and the soft yellow of marl. The bonnet is made of ground roof tiles from Limburg. He writes with a duck feather on a peace of birch bark. The ink bottle down on the right is made of ground coal.
On an oak wooden panel of 16 by 21 cm, incl. frame 27 bij 34 cm, sold in oktober 2019.

De Oude Man

In this paiting my intension was to capture the wise and thoughtfull look in his eyes. I created it with pieces of green mussel shels and his wrinkles are carved into the marl.
Op eikenhouten paneel van 28 bij 43 cm, incl. lijst 43 bij 58 cm. Prijs op aanvraag.

Het silhouet van Rembrandt

This abstract version of one of the most famous selfportraits of Rembrandt. His jacket is made of coal and mussel shells. The little earring is a botton formed shell from the North Sea. His broun curls are of bog iron and polder soil. Below on the right there lies a freshwater mussel from Waterland. On oak panel of 16 by 21 cm, incl. frame 27 by 34 cm.

Rembrandt observeert

The look in the eyes is to me the most fascinating in the paintings of Rembrandt. In this little portrait the eyes are made out of freshwater mussels from the polder. The raising eyebrows are of ground coal on a layer of marl. Also here the collar consists of pieces of oyster shells.
On golden layer on an oak and birch wooden panel of 16 by 21 cm, incl. frame 27 bij 34 cm. Sold.

Het zusje van Rembrandt

This figure with an invisible role in the history of Rembrandt is positioned on a background of fluvial sand. Her collar is made of an eroded oyster shell and she writes with a feather her own history, looking at the reflection in the freshwater mussel.
On oak wooden panel of 16 by 21 cm, incl. frame 27 by 34 cm. Price on request.

Photos of the artworks are made by Petra Steenkamer.
The video’s are made by Eiko Waleson.